• Anti Smoking Patch
  • Anti Smoking Patch
  • Anti Smoking Patch
  • Anti Smoking Patch
  • Anti Smoking Patch
  • Anti Smoking Patch

Anti Smoking Patch

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Medicine indicates that the most effective method to give up smoking is by using an Anti-smoking patch.

Tobacco contains nicotine. The people who are used to smoking, in actual fact, they only need the nicotine in the tobacco. But when people smoke a cigarette, except the nicotine, there are also several hundred types of harmful chemicals that will go into peoples' body. In the anti-smoking patch, there are pure extracts from natural tobacco and when people apply the patch, they can get enough nicotine, but avoid letting other harmful chemicals go into the body. 😲


  • Remove the anti-adhesion protection membrane
  • Paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of the body, such as the arm, thigh, trunk, hip, and the scapula 
  • Attach the Anti-smoke Patches every early morning and remove it before going to bed. Control the amount of smoke every day.

Usage and dosage:

  • According to your preference, choose accurate placement. It will usually work after sticking it half an hour.
  • Use one patch a day and do it for about 3 days as the initial dosage. Each day, you will smoke less, decrease the dosage gradually when the situation is stable. Stop using it until the tobacco addiction or nicotine dependence is gone.
  • Due to individual differences, the time usage and the procedure of reducing Anti-smoke Patches will vary.


▲Do not apply the patches to broken, red or irritated skin. When you exercise, do not apply the Anti-smoke Patch because if you do sports while wearing a nicotine patch, the amount of nicotine absorbed into your bloodstream may increase.

▲If you get a severe or persistent skin reaction, such as severe redness, itching, rash, hives or swelling after using these patches, you should stop using them and consult your doctor for advice.

▲Make sure you do not leave unused or used Anti-smoke Patch where children can reach them. Properly dispose of patches after use.

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